Music At IPPC…

It’s been rhapsodising. It’s been ecstatic. It’s been electric. It’s been rapturous. It’s been glorious. It’s been indescribable. The atmosphere at this IPPC day two can been liken to what Apostle Paul witnessed when he visited the third heaven.

The praise. The worship. The lifting up of holy hands. The free flow of tears of joy. It is almost impossible to capture the atmosphere as thousands of pastors and church workers laced their faith in an in-explainable unity that filled the Loveworld Convention Center with tangible faith, joy, and love.

Eben kept leading the worshipers from one glorious melody to another. This is not entertainment. It couldn’t be. This is not show business. It couldn’t be. Drugs cannot give such joy. Nothing could.

This is pure worship. This is a taste of heaven on earth.

It’s getting better… Fasten your seat… The best is yet to come.

Written by Michael Ogbaa

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