The Theory of Exceptionalism – Pastor Yemisi

The unique calling of the children of God through the ages. Nobody was there when God called these people.

God called pastor in 1980 to lead His children into their inheritance. We can see the working of God in our lives. We can work in greater level of grace.


You’re special and should not conform to the general norm. We’re uniquely called. We have a special message.

We are unique

We have superior idealology.

Responsibility of our nation.

You can’t work towards a calling. It’s bestowed by God. God choose some to be Levi’s, some produce kings, etc. it’s the Lord’s doing and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. We didn’t choose it. It’s because of the calling that we achieve what we do. It’s not determined by your level of faith. What faith did Abraham have when he was called.

If you’re here, you cant but be successful.

In every area of our calling. New things will keep coming up. It cannot stop. Whatever Pastor says will happen happens. That’s the sign of that calling. We live in that level of calling every day. We think at a higher level. We’re unique. It’s our time.

Are you the only one? Yes.

We can’t blend with others. We stand out. We’re unique. Exceptionalism creates in us a new passion. Wear your ministry pride as a badge. How many ministries give other ministries in billions of Naira.

Don’t be ashamed of the ministry and our man of God. Don’t let anyone make you ashamed of what you should be proud of. When they attack the shepherd, it’s actually the sheep they’re targeting.

The exceptionality of our mandate.

Some ministries are called to minister to the world. We have the world as our parish. God gave it to us. We grow and expand because of that anointing. People are calling from all over the world to join our vision. We’re reaching every nation. We’re different. We’re working with our man of God. We all have to participate.

God doesn’t have many of us. We’ll yet be more different. We’re zealous. No man can stop us. Don’t think about the money. God can turn the sands in the seashore into money. There’s Rhapsody administration and there’s Rhapsody vision. Think about the results we receive from the ROR. Testimonies.

Romans 16:17.

John 8:30-32.

All of us are called but some are chosen.  Chosen for different responsibilities. To be a loyal and committed disciple is a choice. Faithful followers. We identify and are happy about our calling. We’re teaching others about it. We’re teaching our children. We will not be denied, dissuaded, delayed.

Written by Michael Ogbaa


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