It’s All About Grace – Pastor Chris

The International Pastors’ Conference came to a climax this afternoon as Pastor Chris took his listeners on a journey on the working of grace.

He explained that Paul had a special grace bestowed upon him and read from 1 Peter 5:5. “God gives grace to the humble and resist the proud. God gives more grace to the humble and according to His calling in people’s lives”.

He further buttressed this point by reading James 4:6 which collaborated that God giveth more grace to the humble and resists the proud.

Pastor then informed us that God gave Apostle Paul a special grace and read from Romans 12:3 to drive the point home.

“Paul was talking about the grace given to him. The same measure of faith is given to us when we are saved, but, we need to grow in grace, in faith and in love”.

Romans 15:15-16 also alluded to the fact that Apostle Paul was given special grace to be minister of God to the Gentiles. This grace was specific to his calling.

“The grace enabled him to bring the unsearchable riches of Christ to the people of his day. Don’t let others make you ashame. You must distinguish yourself if you want to shine. You must be different”.

Pastor Chris then said that “For many years, you couldn’t stay with me without changing. Either you stay and get changed or you’ll run away. You can’t have it both ways”.

According to Pastor, “one day, you were 10, 15, 20 years…. Act now, you’ll soon be 70. Don’t delay. Act now. You have heard some of the preachers who are loaded with inspiration and power with result. I send people from campus to Amsterdam to take over the city. Trained and seasoned people”.

The Pastors, enveloped in rapt attention were asked to ditch their earthly culture for that of God. “You have to be recultured by the word. Paul said that I was a Jew, before he got that revelation, he had earlier said “I’m a Jew”. He was a new man in Christ. He had burnt his bridges.

From 2 Corinthians 8:7-11, Pastor explained that faith, utterance, knowledge, diligence and love are important, but that one could have all of these and still be broke.

He stated that all that matters is the grace of God. “God doesn’t fund things He didn’t call for. Abound in grace also. Prove the sincerity of your love. Though Jesus was rich, He became poor for your sake. This is the grace. Perform the doing of it. Why didn’t you complete what you promised God. You need grace to give, not to receive”.

In an emotional voice, Pastor then asked “For how long will you wrestle with the Holy Ghost to give. You shouldn’t be thinking about giving God big things. Thinking doesn’t bring miracles. There are certain things your mind can do for you. In the realms of the spirit, your mind cannot help you”.

Written by Michael Ogbaa

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