Always Work on your Spiritual Focus – Pastor Chris


We preach a message of prosperity and healing but even if you lived your life without health and wealth, and the incentives of good health, prosperity and wealth were not promised to you and you heard what Jesus did and that He would come again, would that not be enough?

Be motivated by the death of Jesus and tell the whole world that Jesus died. All other things are mere incentives so don’t be carried away by them.  If you don’t have them, remember you have Jesus and that is all that matters.

“I was always thinking about souls. Wherever they were, I was going for them. I loved to hear about Jesus coming again. This earth is not everything. Always work on your spiritual focus. Don’t be carried away by the seeming modernization of Christianity because there is no modernisation of Christianity. We just changed our tools.

Tell it on the mountains…that there is one that gives victory but that victory is from the realms of the spirit. Recently the Apple CEO declared himself a homosexual and Christianity is not against the homosexuals as individuals but against homosexuality because it is against the word of God.

Homosexuality is propagated by the socialist left who fight for the deception of equality. What’s wrong with their notion of equality? It’s like witchcraft; it presents itself as good until you get deep into it. This is why we teach doctrines in Bible School so believers are guided. Be careful of the structures of men and be wise. Don’t follow a party or organization just because you agree with their agenda. Look at their fundamentals.

Look for a political party you can effect a change in. No Pastor is allowed to be a politician or have an opinion. As a Pastor your work is to voice your Masters opinion.

As a lay Pastor in politics or in another organization, you have two masters. You are not fully into ministry but that doesn’t mean you should resign because your being there is a strategy. When the times comes, he may tell you to quit all other things and fully face the ministry or he may not tell you depending on his plan for your life but this does not in any way belittle the ministry and work of a lay Pastor.

Pastor told the delegates to enjoy life, “don’t frown all day long. People who sleep throughout a long flight or sit by the window know how to enjoy life. Life is a journey and we should enjoy it like a long flight. If you are a happy Pastor you will have a happy congregation.  Angry Pastors have angry congregations.  As a Pastor you reflect on your congregation.  The Holy Spirit ministers in an atmosphere of joy unspeakable and in such an atmosphere the anointing will come upon your physical body and move you’.

Continuing, Pastor Chris said that when the anointing gets on you, you can’t stop it. He described how it came on him as a young lad in his church and he prophesied without wanting to and wondered how the Holy Ghost took over his body and mouth. This experience also happened at Pastors home during the morning devotional family service. Pastor spoke in tongues until the place shook and Pastor prophesied about the family and other things. After the service, his father gave him a bible.

He also told Pastors to learn to enjoy the Lord. According to him, there are people who are called children of the flesh. Children of the flesh are children of the mind. Your mind is not you, you own your mind. You control your mind and decide on what your minds thinks even if you may accept flying thoughts. You cannot pass a physics exam if you think of chemistry when studying so you discipline your mind to learn what you need.

Those who will be doctors need a certain type of discipline. Same way as a minister, you need a certain type of discipline, mentality, and character which God has to develop in you before you can be used of God. Sometimes, God makes you take time to pray about certain things not because He cannot answer speedily but because He wants to build discipline and character in you.

Pastor Chris said that it is not enough to be sent, called, and blessed because “if you don’t have the discipline and character, God can’t use you. For example, if the manner you talk is a problem, you will not go far.  There may be brashness in your communication the Holy Ghost does not like”.

Continuing, he warned that there is the need to “invest in your personality. Not in your clothes and looks but in your way of thinking, hearing and communicating. What you hear and, how you hear is so important. A Pastor may say something and some people will be blessed while others will be angry”.

He warned that “our thinking must constantly be serviced because until there is a change, there is no freshness or progress.  There are people in church who are offended at everything or everyone”.

Continuing, Pastor talked about a woman who when she got to church, a demon who follows her everywhere stays at the gate. What happened to her angels? When we are disrespectful, full of anger and hatred, angels are offended, and stand aside. People come to church with demons while others come with angels. Who are you coming with? He asked.

“Your attitude and communication determines whether you have angels or demons. Resist the devil when he talks. The fellow that has thoughts against the words coming from the Pastor on the pulpit is being lured by the devil. Don’t ever allow the things that are ministered to you offend you. Look for the best side of the things ministered to you in church. The largest congregations don’t have the best preachers. God is not looking for the best preachers. He is looking for those who can nurture and lead”.

Continuing, Pastor asked, did you know, you could have a great message but it is just one part of the message, the other part is contained in the words carried through the message such that it can birth visions.

The word given carries the vision of the Spirit and that is why the minister must soak himself in the spirit so that he doesn’t become just a preacher teaching but a minister changing lives. The word of God is not necessarily the bible scriptures but words spoken and good ideas given. What God says matters and it is important that the word of God for the moment is given to them.

At IPPC we are being given the word for now and later.

Prophesying to the Pastors, Pastor confessed that the Spirit of God is preparing us for another phase of ministry and promotions and there are angels who have not been to this earth before and who have not worked with us in the ministry before, who have been released to the ministry.

These angels are more powerful than the others who we gave worked with in our ministry because of the next phase of work which we are entering which is more severe so be encouraged because greater victories lie ahead for my children will never fail.

My children, do not fear, I am with you always even unto the end of age. The glory of the latter house shall surpass the former. Yes the glory of the latter house, but you already belong to the latter house therefore you are moving into the greater aspect of my glory .

The glory is in ever increasing power. I am moving you into a greater level of glory and we have entered an unlimited glory, and splendour with limitless possibilities.

Speaking on the gift of prophesy, Pastor said that the gift of prophecy is the most important gift in the life of a Christian. If you don’t have any other, desire it. It is so important because we are made by prophecies. It is God’s material for building his house, he said.

Pastor noted that “the gift inspires me to get in line with it and it tells me my future and God’s plan for my life. We are a people of prophecies”

Written by Kelechi Deca


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