IPPC is Projecting Nigeria and Africa Positively – Chief Ude

The International Pastors and Partners Conference(IPPC)of Believersloveworld has been described as a diplomatic coup de grace for Nigeria as government has been urged to support organizations like Christ Embassy that are helping to project the image of Nigeria in positive lights globally. This was handed down by Chief Anthony Ude, a hotelier who said that the annual IPPC and other programmes of Christ Embassy are not only helping the Nigerian economy but most importantly helping to burnish the image of Nigeria internationally. He said that in better organized societies, both Lagos State government and the federal government would have supported the church both in logistics, immigration issues for their foreign delegates, security and in any other way the church may need their support. Chief Ude said that in the last six years he has been in the hospitality business in Lagos, no other event in this nation attract this huge number of foreigners from diverse nationalities as the IPPC.

“This is a very good vehicle for the government of this country to market not only Nigeria’s tourism, but also prove to outsiders that Nigeria is not what they read in the media, if after this big event every year, people come and return safely to their respective countries, it then show that this country is not as bad as it is being painted, but government should be in the driving seat of using such events to positively project this country” he said.
Stressing the point further, Chief Ude said that a church like Christ Embassy has done so well in putting the name of this country on the world map, even people who would not have known Nigeria in their lives now know Pastor Chris, and by extension they know Nigeria and many of them are coming to this country. “If I am the Governor of Lagos State, I will ensure that all the roads around Billings way Oregun, venue of this event are in perfect condition, I will also ensure that there are street lights in and around that vicinity, and ofcourse get LASTMA and the Police to provide round the clock traffic management and security within that area” he noted that such support “ is the best thing this State can do to say thank you Pastor Chris for all you have been doing for this State”.

On the part of the federal government, Chief Ude said that the Nigeri Immigration Service and the Customs should always be working hand in hand with Christ Embassy to ensure that anytime anybody from anywhere apply for Visa to come to Nigeria for a Christ Embassy programme, such application is treated with dispatch. He also said that the Customs can also be of support in ensuring that whenever the Church brings in equipment for its programmes, such is cleared without drama, “ my brother, this is how it is done abroad, and that is how responsible governments help encourage businesses and organizations that promote integrity and project their countries in good light”, ours should not be different, he added.

It could be recalled that over 18,000 delegates from over 125 countries are participating in this year’s International Pastors and Partners Conference, it took some up to two days and others three days of flight to arrive Nigeria, some came from as far as New Zealand, San Marino, Bahamas, Hawaii etc. The event rounds up Sunday evening with an International Gospel Music Concert.


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