2015 IPPC: Beyond the Spiritual

The International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC) no doubt is an exercise in the spiritual; it is that an event that provides a well sought after opportunity for Pastors, Church leaders from all over the world, and Partners in the Believers Loveworld Inc. to aspire to be inspired, to be taught, to learn, unlearn, and relearn, to be awesomely influenced, and to be impacted by God’s spirit to do more for the gospel, and above all to be part of that vision to take the gospel of the Lord Jesus to the ends of the earth.

It is specially packaged to place the delegates in the path of ever increasing success in life and in ministry. A privileged opportunity to learn at the feet of our man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, as he generously share fresh insights on known knowns and known unkowns while also taking the delegates on a journey into the mysteries of the word of God. That is why it is the most important one week on the Believers Loveworld calendar, the IPPC signposts the end of the Ministry year and ushers in a new Ministry year. The importance of the IPPC to this Ministry cannot be over emphasized. That is why everybody looks up to the date with unmistakable expectations, and this year has been no different.

Though the IPPC through and through a spiritual event, its impact goes beyond the spiritual. As the Apostle Paul said in the Book of 1 Timothy 4:8(KJV) For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. This shows that bodily exercise at least is not a waste. While the IPPC has been impacting the spirituality of those participating, the ancillary impact of having over 20,000 people gathered under one umbrella is also having some positive impacts on the economy of Nigeria.

How,you may ask?


Let us start with traveling. There are at least close to 10,000 people that came from outside Lagos, and of this number over half came from outside Nigeria. When you consider that they all bought air tickets, those who are not Nigerians and not from the ECOWAS sub region did apply for Visa. They paid Visa fees which is part revenue to the Nigerian government. Embedded in their tickets are airport taxes which accrue revenue to the Nigerian government, not to talk of the over 20,000 hotel rooms that have been bloc booked for this one week the event is taking place, the overall impact on the local economy is enormous. Some of these hotels have not witnessed such numbers of guests before, and these are rich and reliable guests who are ever willing to pay for services provided, not guests that fight and quarrel over charges at the slightest provocation. Hoteliers earn good money for services rendered.

Taxi Drivers

Another set of business people who are directly impacted positively by this Conference are Taxi drivers. Some of them are now operating round the clock and they are having brisk business ferrying very gentle and well behaved passengers from their hotels to the event and back to their hotels. They never had it this good, and they are joining is thanking God for this opportunity.

When it boils down to it, this is great not just individual travelers, but also the local economies. Primarily it’s just a fantastic source of income, because its money that wouldn’t have been earned if the tourists were not there.

Food Vendors

Having this number of people from all corners of the globe descend in Lagos at a go also allows wealth to be injected into the community in a variety of ways. The great benefit of this is that it is extremely labor intensive, and many of the businesses that operate within it are only small businesses and micro operators which ensures money gets into the hands of the people directly. Food vendors are having a field day at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena (LCA) venue of the Conference. This means that every dollar coming into the Nigeria from the foreign delegates is felt quickly by business owners and Taxi drivers, and is directly related to a boost in local spending.


One of the easiest advantages to identify is the jobs such events help to create. These ranges from directly influenced positions like taxi drivers, hotel staff, bus drivers of the companies whose buses were hired, some of them have not had such big opportunity since this year, and food vendors. What’s great about all these businesses is that they not only pay wages to their staff, but source goods and products locally, giving a boost to local industry. What’s great about this is that the supporting industries like retail and food production also benefit, although it is not as obvious to the untrained eye as this is mostly occurring behind the scenes.

Increased spending within the Lagos area

This has been happening in twofold. First you have the money that is spent directly by the delegates in the economy. Not just on their tickets of transportation within Lagos, but there are a huge range of basic human requirements that need to be purchased, like telephone call cards, internet access cards, food, clothing, hairdressing, medical services, and transportation needs that all need to be filled, along with souvenirs they will purchase before they travel back.

Multiplier effect of money spent here

In addition to what is spent by delegates, the dollars spent here and earned by both businesses and individuals is often re-injected into the local economy. So you’ve got more money being earned locally thanks to this Conference, which is then spent in the local economy as well. This is why such revenues are often referred to as having a multiplier effect, because a large percentage of every dollar earned is reintroduced back into the economy, again and again. This is the multiplier effect.


To construct the world class stage for this IPPC costs huge sums of money, also the Exhibitors employed local companies and artisans in the construction of all those wonderful stands we see at the Exhibition Ground at Healing School, this ensures money gets into the pockets of these artisans and also the companies that help build the stands, they in turn pay tax to Lagos State government and also rates to the local government. Moreso, Billingsway Road was fixed, street lights were mounted, and more traffic personnel attracted all contributing towards improving the infrastructure of the LCA area.


Bringing more people especially foreigners into a community gives it new life, and creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish new services and products, or facilities that would not be sustainable based on the local population of residents’ alone. Many hotels were upgraded just to attract delegates for the IPPC.

Overall, Lagos is blessed to be the host city of this global conference every year, and it is my expectation that the government of Lagos State should look into how they can partner with Christ Embassy to help make the IPPC a memorable experience by helping improve the infrastructure along Billingsway and even around the LCA especially the roads, and also help provide adequate security personnel while the event is going on, and even at some of the hotels where the delegates are lodged. Also there should be street lights on Biilingsway Izee Iyamu and every other adjoining street to Billingsway. This will go a long way in supporting what the Church is doing on its own.

Written by Kelechi Deca


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