Growth is More Than a Miracle – Pastor Chris


Day one of the 2014 International Pastors’ Conference With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (PhD), was as rhapsodising, refreshing and ecstatic as thousands of Pastors from across the world had hoped for.

Enveloped in an atmosphere of indescribable expectation, Pastor Chris welcomed them with the assurance that “when you leave here you will be carrying with you something greater than you came with”.

He reminded them that growth is not a miracle but the right application of revealed principles and means which, when correctly applied, guarantees expected result just like an electric appliance that’s rightly plugged in.

“As a child of God you have absolutely everything to become a success.
Failure thoughts can’t download into my system and I only see northward. In the kingdom of God there is only north. No South, no East and no West. If you understand your calling and spiritual nativity you will know there is only one direction for you. Turn not to the right or left, set yourself on course, one direction only”.

The crux of Pastor’s opening night message was that this world is ours for three things

(1) to enjoy

(2) to bring others into God’s kingdom since we are not earthlings and

(3) to bring God’s righteousness upon the earth.

Pastor used Bible references to buttress his points and the pastors hungered for more when the meeting came to an end. Wow, only the Holy Spirit can reveal what today’s meetings will be like.

Written by Michael Ogbaa


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