Fear Not, Hold on to Your Prophesies – Pastor Chris

The Friday evening of the ongoing International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC) was extra ordinary in every sense. Extra ordinary not only for the revealing talk shows, and panel discussions but the teaching of Pastor Chris on the role and importance of prophesy in the life of a Christian. Pastor started the teaching with reference to the book of 2 Timothy 3:1- (TLB).

He noted that we live in that era that the Bible talked about, the last days, and that time is very short. In the last days it will be very difficult to be a Christian. The challenges of being a Christian are becoming enormous but that shouldn’t be a problem to anybody. The Christian life cannot be lived by any human being. It’s only through the Holy Spirit. It’s not possible. Human goodness is not the definition of Christian life. Christ alive in you. He’s alive in you through the Holy Spirit. You’ll need the Holy Spirit. He baptizes you and brings you into the new birth. He makes you the living temple and comes inside live. He has made you the house of God and wants to live inside.

Pastor spoke about some of the wrong notions that have been in Christianity for a long time. He gave example with the issue of baptism, saying that the inaccurate belief about baptism that has been in the church for a long time is a cause for concern. According to him, there is this belief that after you are born again, you need to be born into the Holy Ghost. That is quite wrong, he said. “Some preachers know the truth but don’t want to upset the church. They fear criticism. It’s just a change. The reason it’s necessary is that people look for what they already have”.

Explaining, Pastor Chris said that being born again is already being born into the Holy Spirit. He stressed that people believe that you receive the Holy Ghost and then anointing comes after, but that is not so. The anointing which you have received abides in you, he said. Why look again to be baptised into the Holy Spirit. To these people,they want you to be born again, born into the Holy Spirit and then receive the anointing.

They forgot that the apostles only asked new converts if they have received the Holy Spirit, not whether they have been born again. There are many scriptures where this is well highlighted, he said. Read everything and you will not have another opinion than what I’ve told you, says Pastor Chris. There will be growth as you won’t be seeking what you already have. There’s a difference between anointing for a particular calling. That’s different. For many, you already know.For others, it’s a problem. But, you never have to engage anyone in argument. Allow them to say what they want. Don’t argue. It’s for the benefit of those that want to learn. Rightly dividing the word of truth says Pastor Chris.

Next, Pastor read from the book of 2nd Corinthians 4:1- ( KJV) “I charge you. Preach the word… Be longsuffering. They will heap upon themselves teachers… Endure hardships, testing times”.

The gospel is alive. It works. It transforms lives. There are people that just want easy lives. You’re the one to prove your ministry, not God. Prove what you’ve got. Put it to work. Be bold. Prophesy.

Pastor told the story of the first time he prophesied… He struggled. He was just fifteen. He tried everything to keep himself down… Before he knew it, he was shouting in tongues and prophesying… When the word of God is boiling inside you, give it vent. Prophesy to bring the power of God into your congregation. The gift of prophesy is very important. Everything God gives is important.

Verse 5

Speaking on the gift of prophesy, Pastor said that the gift of prophecy is what brought us here. It’s like a guiding light. That’s how messiah came; God turned them to the words of the prophets. Paul asked Agrippa if he believed the prophets. Prophesy is vital. You make war with them. Take them with you and make war. Write them down and live by them. If you pay attention, they will come to pass.

Verse 6

I am now ready to be offered… He’s writing from prison. He was bound and knew that he wasn’t coming out…. He knew that the time has come… He was ready… Is this world so important to you… If ISIS people are ready to die for what they believe which you claim is not true, how committed are you to what you believe? How many have you prayed for them with tears in your eyes.

We have passion for the Arabs… that’s why we are working on the translations… God sent Jonah to warn the people of Ninaveh because God knew that they didn’t know their left from their right… Jonah believed that God was too merciful to them and decided to run away.

Pastor said that many are ignorant in the world. It requires our tears and prayers and action. If we are the custodians of the truth, let’s act like we do. The time is short. I thought I would have time to show from the scriptures that we are living in the days the bible prophesied. We are in the last days. The signs are clear. There are things that have now happened that had not happened. We are ready we are almost there. You can smell it. Use your faith for the gospel, not materialism. Faith for the gospel is what you need.

Do you know what God asked you to do? How far have you gone? Take a look at the Pakistani translation doesn’t that move you? A quick work the Lord is doing. Things are moving very fast.

Verse 7

Have you fought before, he asked. “At the archives next year, you will see the fights we have to fight for the gospel to come to you the way you see it today. If we had backed down, they would have succeeded in saying that it didn’t work. But I’m fighting the good fight of faith, gospel works. Are you on course? It’s important to keep the faith”.

He also read from the book of Acts 20:24. People were trying to dissuade him, but see what he said… None of these things move me? Is your life so dear? I love Jesus more than life, what does it mean to you. I don’t count my life to be of any importance.

Revelation 2:10

Be thou faithful unto death. Be faithful until they kill you. That’s the kind of mind he wants us to have. He doesn’t want us afraid.

(Hebrews 2:4,) through death that He might paralyze the devil…. All their life time, they were afraid of death until Christ delivered us.

I can’t forget the story of how 9-12 year olds in South Africa during the apartheid regime; they chanted songs and were not afraid of the soldiers and the Policemen who tried to stop them. The more the soldiers threatened them, the bolder they became, and they ran to the soldiers who fired and killed some of them. Those little kids sealed their freedom with their blood. Fear is unnecessary brothers and sisters.

Life is a fight, and Paul said “I have fought a good fight”. When they say you can’t have the church there, it’s a fight. Go on your knees. What you need is the word of prophecy. The battle is not your battle. When you’re threatened, step aside and pray. Speaking in tongues will give you rhema. Deep calleth unto deep. Then you will hear that ye are gods little children…. You need the word for now…. You have to pick it in your spirit. That’s why we can’t be defeated. The spirit will tell you to be calm, that He’s fixing things… I refuse to fear. I’m a success for ever. I’m getting better by the day. You’re the seed of Abraham. You belong to Christ. I’m an heir, a joint heir with Christ.

Striving together for the faith of the gospel, we are an army and the spirit of God gives us direction and we move with one mind. We are not the first generation of the church. It is like a relay, many preserved what we have today. You put the fastest for the last relay. You need the very fast one for the first lap…. the two weakest ones in the middle. Those after the apostle were not so great. We are the ones they are all watching out for… Marvelous things are happening and it’s getting greater by the day…. we’re raising a new generation…. we don’t understand when they say we can’t…. Can’t what…. That language doesn’t exist… If we decide, it must be done… It will happen… Everyone takes responsibility and makes it happen, it’s our responsibility… Do you know who sent you?

There’s no stopping you when the word of God sends you. The world is ours, it belongs to us. We have our responsibilities, not the government. Our responsibility is the noblest calling. Christ is in me. You’re like a package. The glory of God is packaged inside you. The glory of the living God. Thank you Lord Jesus…
Continuing, Pastor admonished the delegates not to be terrified by anything. “Let not your adversary terrify you…. The story of the kidnappers that pack human bodies…. Our brother was also kidnapped and we’re waiting when the girl behind him asked him to pray…. The words of our messages came to his spirit and he started speaking in tongues… Suddenly, his spirit was stirred and he spoke louder and louder until they asked for him to be sent out.

If words of prophecy have come out, they saved themselves from impending doom… Greater is He that’s in you…. They didn’t know where they were… Dead in the night. People there thought that they were thieves…. His brother wandered around until he came to where they wanted to kill his brother. They didn’t believe him until his brother testified. Praise God, Jesus is wonderful. Trust Him with your life. He is a Master strategist… Pray that way. Trust Him, He’s not trying to take advantage of you. He may lead you through an unpopular route….

Pastor told God one day that the Internet didn’t exist in the days of the prophets… I’m the Lord, is there anything difficult for Me. He has angels for the Internet… Work with me… All my purposes… The world is mine. Nothing exist that I didn’t make… from everlasting to everlasting…. Nothing is created to harm you… No matter the platform, they are for our good. You can’t use them to destroy me. They belong to my Father… Greater is He… Count it all joy….. Joy…. Joy… Glory to God… I’m blessed… Are you blessed!

The spirit of God is multiplying the grace upon your life…. When you come to a place like this…. When you hear us talking about global things… Think global… Expand your mind. Don’t ask how… he’s your how… He will bring people to help… You never thought it will be like this…. Don’t I know myself….? My mum and aunty and Uncle are all here…. How could I from whence I came be the one talking to you. It’s not possible in human ways… It’s only by the spirit of God. I was afraid as a kid…. But the day I received the Holy Spirit I lost my fears… Nothing shakes me. God can take care of you….

All the people that work with me are all educated and know what to do with their lives… How can they be with me for over twenty years….? It’s getting better and better and the young ones are firing on… It’s the spirit that quickeneth….

We took over a property recently…. Ten years ago my Aunty prophesied that God gave it to me… The federal government owns it… Without effort and after working it for one week, and the giants came but we won it and took it by prophesy because the prophesy said so…

Tell someone that the prophesy said so…

Count it all joy… What you need is deep inside. What is God saying….? Keep speaking in tongues… Keep praying and wait for the words in your spirit…. Prophesy means to bubble up… Don’t worry, it will bible up itself… While you’re still praying, you will know it’s time… Add fast if you need to… Go back to your closet and keep waiting. It won’t take time… I’m supernatural. Young people cheer up, there’s hope for you. This thing is getting better and better, more glorious by the Holy Ghost in us

I like praying… I shut out the world and see what I can’t see with my two eyes… See beyond the room… Lord is possible… I can see them pouring in, it’s real… I can see it….
Friday’s night was one in a million, and the teaching was quite extraordinary.


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