IPPC Opens In A Blaze Of Glory

147667436967_ippc2016_onlinebanner2_correctedYour Uniqueness As A Minister – Pastor Kayode Adesina (Secretary General)

The opening session of the glorious 2016 International Pastors and Partners Conference, (IPPC) commenced today, Monday November 14, kicked off in a blaze of glory as delegates, who are mostly Pastors worshipped the Lord with very inspiring songs of worship and praise by music ministers of the Believers Loveworld Nation.

Pastor Kayode Adesina, the Secretary General of the ministry, shared with the Pastors on the topic ‘Your Uniqueness as a Minister’.

The message highlighted the fact that God has given to every man a unique role to play and that no two persons are alike. He read from Genesis 1 verse 27, where the Bible stated that God created man as male and female for their unique roles and functions.

He also cited scriptural examples from Joseph who was sold into slavery and later became a prime minister in Egypt, declaring to his brethren after they discovered his true identity that God had sent him ahead to preserve them and the entire Hebrew nation. He said they should not blame themselves but they should see his travails as a fulfilment of God’s plan and purpose. Genesis 45:5-8.

He also mentioned Queen Esther as recorded in the book of Esther 4:14, how Mordecai, her uncle, reminded her that she was sent into the kingdom for ‘such a time as this’. This was a result of the siege that the Jews were experiencing at that point in history, and how God used Queen Esther to usher salvation to the Jewish people.

He also made reference to John Baptist who was proud of the fact that he was sent as the forerunner of Jesus in John 3:30.

“He must increase, but I must decrease” – John 3:30 KJV.

How many of us can say this for ourselves?

He then admonished the delegates that “there’s a purpose and reason for where you are and what you’re doing… It’s God’s purpose for you for now. Be glad and achieve your best by the power of the Holy Ghost”.

He rounded off the message with reference to 1 Corinthians 12, verse 12-18, where the Bible emphasised the fact that we are members of one body, meant to fulfil our unique roles in whatever capacity we have been chosen to function, remembering the fact that God does not see any assignment as small.

The session ended with praise reports from testimonies of impact in the Northern region and Christ Embassy churches in Akwa Ibom State, South East Nigeria

Written by Michael Ogbaa & Blossom Chukwu


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