This Year’s Exhibition Will be Like no Other – Pastor Siji

pasto_zpssnl2127xEvery year, the Loveworld Exhibition goes a notch higher, a step further, and spread further. This year is no different. Indeed, this year, The Exhibition ingrained highly innovative strategies to create an awesome experience for visitors. This could be gleaned from the Chairman of the Loveworld Exhibition 2016 Pastor Siji Darah who promised that visitors to this year’s exhibition will bear witness that it lived up to its theme which is Connect. Explore and Spread. Pastor Siji noted that this year’s exhibition will be as exciting as it would be captivating and above all, motivating.
Connect. Explore. Spread
The 2016 Exhibition offers delegates and visitors an outstanding opportunity to connect, explore, and spread. It brings together the best the Ministry has to offer. It captures the very essence of the spirit of excellence that pervades the entire 2016 International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC). According to Pastor Siji, this year’s exhibition promises to give a welcoming experience. To showcase all that the Ministry has been able to accomplish in this Year of Spreading, and to provide visitors a unique opportunity to “witness the exponential growth we have wrought this year 2016”.

To deepen the experience, delegates will have the privilege of the presence of the esteemed directors of different arms of the ministry take them around the stands, answer their questions, and also share with them, the various roadmaps their departments are embarking on in the nearest future. This is a clear departure to what obtains before now. Moreso, there are tour guides who will be on hand to help delegates and visitors navigate through the many stands at the exhibition stand.

As part of the continued effort to make this a more comfortable and rewarding experience, the organizers Pastor Siji said are working round the clock to ensure visitors to the stands are comfortable, and their experience will be as stress free as possible. To ensure this works out, buses are will be stationed at the LCA to convey delegates to the Exhibition Ground. The buses will take them from Campus A, to Campus B and then Campus C.

Onbehalf of the Loveworld Exhibition, Pastor Siji welcomes delegates and visitors to the Exhibition. Promising that this will be an experience like no other. An experience that will last them a life time. “Welcome to our world, a world of innovation, our world of creativity, our world of visions and dreams according to the vision of our Man of God Rev. Chris Oyakhilome”, he added.

Written by Kelechi Deca


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