Responsibility of the Gospel in this Last Days – Reverend Ray Okocha

143239246590_img_0542Responsibility is giving ability to what you’re responsible for.

Matthew 24:14:
There’s a particular gospel that we preach. It’s been passed on to us from the apostles. These are the last days. We’ve come from all parts of the world to receive more and do more. We have the responsibility to preach this gospel. Necessity is laid upon us.

1 Timothy 1:11.
The gospel was glorious to Paul. The gospel he once fought against. He said that the gospel was committed to his trust being counted faithful. It can’t fail.

Jeremiah’s call and his response.
Jeremiah 1:4-8
God created man before forming him out of the dust of the earth. God knew who He was forming. He knew the purpose He wanted him to fulfill. The predestination of God. We’re unique in God’s plan.

Romans 8:28-30
There’s a calling of God upon your life. He planned for you. You were already predestined by God.

Ephesians 1:4.
God chose me before the foundation of the world. I’m at the right place at the right time for today’s work.

Ephesians 1:5-12
I’m accepted in the great beloved. God works all things according to the council of His own will. You’ve got all it takes to get this gospel to the whole world.

You’re God’s mouthpiece today, called into the ministry.

Jeremiah 1:6
Get over all your inadequacies. Remember how Philip made so much in the city of Samaria with the ability of the Holy Ghost in him. Philip was told by God to go to the desert from the city.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the city or the desert place. God was being strategic to get to an entire continent of Africa.

God’s looking at a city, state, nation, continent and the world.Don’t take your assignment lightly. Give the right response to the abilities in you.

Jeremiah 1:8-10
God’s word in your lips is all you need. God says see… He’s done it already. You’re in charge over nations. Root out and pull down the unwanted. That’s your honour. That’s your mandate.Anything other the Lord Jesus. Pull down and destroy those human philosophies. These are not for sissies.

Paul rooted out in the city of Ephesus. Pulled down and destroyed them such that so mightily grew the word of God and prevailed. In place of prayer.

We know that the devil is defeated already. Lost harvest are expressed in the problems we see in certain places. You’ve got to rise up because you’re God’s battle axe and weapons of war. Not calm and cool.

Then you start building… building with your words. Take over for Jesus. You see opportunities everywhere. I came to preach this gospel of the kingdom. I’ve got to finish the work of Him that sent us. God’s trusting us with this glorious gospel to usher in the King. He’s sealed us with the Holy Spirit. It’s the stamp of approval and security.

The Holy Spirit is the down payment. We can’t fail. Our catchment area is for Jesus. We’re going back to our stations for explosion.

Written by Michael Ogbaa

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  1. “God has sealed me with the holy’s the stamp of approval and security. The holy spirit his down payment.
    l cannot fail.”
    Thank you Sir.

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