It Can’t Be Faith When You Have Plan B – Rev Tom Amenkhienan

dsc_1371In continuation of his message on the integrity of faith, Reverend Tom declared that faith doesn’t have plan b. He remarked that stubborn faith doesn’t give up or give in. Stubborn faith doesn’t quit. It follows through until the manifestation of the required result.

Reverend Tom reminded the delegates that there is no alternative to faith and that our faith is the victory that overcomes the world. He posited that the just shall live by his faith.

Faith, according to Rev Tom, is a lifestyle and not for pleasing anybody. It should be switched on when you’re in public and when nobody is watching.

Finally, he charged delegates to keep talking. “I refuse to be quiet. I’ll talk my faith. We didn’t come this far to be quiet… I’m a walking talking spirit…”

At this point, no single delegate was seated as everyone started blasting in tongues.

It’s indeed getting hotter with every passing session of the ongoing IPPC.

Written by Michael Ogbaa


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