Never Desire Anything Because Someone Else Has It – Pastor Chris

slide9The Evening Session of Day Two of the ongoing IPPC with Pastor Chris was simply extraordinary.

We heard uncommon words from the lips of Pastor Chris.

Some of the high points of the message was when he warned delegates not to desire anything because someone else has them. He then went into detailed explanation of the reason for his admonition.

Quoting relevant portions of the scriptures, he explained how the word moved from the mouths of angels and prophets of old to written words before the Word became flesh and lived amongst men.

Referring to chapter four of the book of Luke, Pastor narrated how Jesus fulfilled the prophesy concerning the reason He came. Digging deeper into the scriptures, Pastor quoted Acts 4:36-40 and Acts 2:36-41 stating that the message works for anyone that believes and acts on the fact that Jesus is both the Messiah and the Christ, with His name having the ability to make dynamic power available to accomplish everything!

This is the reason you should not desire anything because someone else has them – both spiritual and material – because there’s nothing you require that you cannot have.


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