Jesus Didn’t Ride Many Chariots, Yet, He Owns The Whole World – Pastor Chris

dsc_1003In continuation of his message on the maturity of the Christian, Pastor Chris reminded the delegates that Jesus didn’t have lots of chariots, yet, He owned the whole world. He then admonished his listeners to take their minds off earthly things. There’s a greater life in Christ than these carnal obsessions.

Explaining further, Pastor stated that though Jesus Christ had unlimited power, He didn’t use it to accumulate earthly possessions. That should be our example. “Just because you have all these power, using it to acquire these earthly things doesn’t prove anything. The money you have in the bank is being used by others. I’ve told you before that money exist only in the mind of the poor. I can do anything. I’m superman. I’m royal. I’m royalty. Glory to God. This is my familiar place. This is where I belong” declared Pastor Chris.

It’s getting even better here at the ongoing IPPC.


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