Cultivating The Right Spiritual Conditions For Effective Ministry – Pastor Chris

dsc_1003The Tuesday evening session officially kicked off with intensive prayer sessions, spirit lifting worship and inspiring Awards segment.

The President of the Believers Loveworld Nation, Reverend Chris Oyakhilome walked into the podium with ecstatic shouts from the expectant congregation who have been receiving insightful exhortation from the Spreading exploits of different church chapters in the year 2016.

Pastor Chris in sharing the word and what it means to ministers, emphasised why a pastor can have the gifts of the Spirit functioning in him but may not effectively utilise it because the congregation he is pastoring do not have an expectation for it, they are not hungry for it and may not have faith for it. Another reason he adduced to, was that the congregation may not be prepared for it because adequate teaching has not been done to prepare them for the manifestions of these gifts. The final reason he gave for this is the preparation of the Pastor. He added that this is the least requirement because what the minister requires is adequate attention to the Holy Spirit.

In line with the teaching on cultivating the right spiritual conditions for effective ministry, Pastor Chris also admonished the Pastors not to live in the earth realm where the things of this world limit the attention they pay to spiritual realities. He added that a Christian should not desire anything because someone else has it. According to him ‘do not think that God gave someone else what He did not give to you’. He stressed the fact that a Christian should live beyond the earth realm and refuse to be carnal.

The message continued on other aspects of ministry as Pastor Chris shared with the congregation on the spoken and written word of God and how God gave His words to the old testament folks through angels and prophets.

The word of God indeed made a strong impact in the congregation and granted increased understanding to the Pastors and ministers who are being trained in making the work of the ministry more effective and impactful.

Written by Blossom Chukwu


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