Partnership, A Vehicle to Globalization – Pastor Joy

dsc_1965xPartnership is sharing together a vision. How can someone else hear our message?

Philippians 4:19 – Amplified version.
We’ll be recognising distinguished partners at this conference. Globalization can only happen through the vehicle of partnership. All the ministry arms fit our vision of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the world.

Just imagine how the ministry would have been without partnership. Just imagine how the work will move forward with your increased partnership. When people hear and know God’s word, they’ll do more.

The visions we see for the ministry can only happen through partnership. What do you believe? If you believe the gospel, you’ll bring water out of the rock.

Not having what you want is a disability. I do not lack anything.

2 Cor 9:6-9
Just imagine if more people have access to the messages we have? That can only happen through partnership. Read the above in Amplified Bible.

We should be happy to give. You’ll be self sufficient when you do. When you give, you open the door to grace.

The message must get to the ends of the earth. You must be a participator through your partnership. You’ll always have money when you do. Money will locate you and you’ll be self sufficient, bringing all you need from the inside. In the next 12 months, we’re going to cease this world. Never say you don’t have money.

To be here is a privilege. You’re a partaker through your giving. Money comes to you because of your knowledge and conviction. Money runs away from some people because of how they think.

You must do the word consistently, not giving and staying at home. The biggest giver must always be in church. When you become a giver you become more humble.

Don’t stop tithing. All that you require in this world cannot be stored anywhere. Don’t use your head, obey the scriptures. We don’t talk about partnership enough. There’s so much to do. Pastors should take time to pray for their partnering members.

We’re going where you’re an epistle. Have the mentality that the money you need is in the next room. Have an understanding of money and what we need to do. The ability comes with saying yes any time there’s reason to give. Expect money back when you give money.

God’s given us everything we need for enjoyment. Our impact Europe initiative has yielded us so many pastors from Europe.

Lift up your hands. Give Him praise. Make a personal commitment to this vision. Take your partnership to the next level. I’m a partaker of the grace upon our Man of God.

Written by Michael Ogbaa


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