You can’t destroy the Rich to Enrich the Poor – Pastor Chris

dsc_2085The opening session of the Partners Conference had a different turn Wednesday 16th November 2016 when Pastor Chris did what many described as veering off the traditional preaching from the scriptures to give the congregation a short lesson on why the world economic system is getting everything wrong. It was during his teaching on the need for Christians to be actively involved in the political process of their respective countries.

During the teaching, Pastor Chris took a swipe at the philosophy behind socialism ( from each according to his ability, and to each according to his needs) which he said was a façade to disinherit the rich of their wealth and redistribute to the poor. This idea he noted was just a false alibi to hoodwink the poor into thinking the leadership cares about them, and use it as pretext to destroy the rich.

Pastor equally noted that the idea behind some populist taxation systems across the world trying to address the widening gap between the rich and the poor. Pastor said that taxing rich punitively is not in the interest of the poor or the state because the rich exists to help the poor. The poor he said cannot help themselves, so it is in the interest of the poor that the rich is rich to create jobs, and help the poor become rich. The truly rich, he said are those who help others to become rich.

Pastor Chris noted that without the rich there will be no jobs for the poor, so what a responsible government should do is give the rich tax incentives to encourage his business expansion, so he can create more jobs, and lift more poor people off the unemployment market. He warned that the continued harassment of the rich with punitive taxes will force him to do either of two things; sack his workers and use technology and robots to do most of the tasks, or reduce the salaries he is paying which will invariably hurt the poor the more.

He equally spoke on the wrong policy framework most countries adopt in addressing the issue of widening gini coefficiency. He noted that they wrongly focus only on the gap between the rich and the poor in such a way as to think the only and best way to bridge that gap is to over tax the rich and make them less rich.” Why don’t they think of raising the poor from their poverty to become rich so the gap can be closed instead of bringing down the rich so the poor can meet up with them”. This is wrong he opined, and in it lies the falsehood socialism promised. “ If Christians are involved in policy making and decisions at highest levels, they will have the right revelations on such things are take the right decisions, Pastor Chris added.

Wednesday night session has been described as a strategy class in public administration. It was awesome and a great transfer of knowledge.


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