We Have The Structures That Guarantee Success – Pastor Lanre Alabi


Day 4 morning session of the ongoing International Pastors and Partners Conference featured Esteemed Pastor and Zonal Director of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 1, Pastor Lanre Alabi.

In opening, Pastor Lanre taught that each of us is trained by the best to become the best, because Pastor deserves the best. And it’s not enough to be grateful but gratitude must burst forth with clear results.

“We have structures that guarantee your success. Our structures are proven. Everything we do is carefully orchestrated by the Holy Spirit.”

With Jude 1:24-26, Pastor Lanre exhorted that each one is to be faithful with the structures of the ministry as they have been built and developed to produce evident success.

1 Corinthians 11:1-3, 4:16, Philippians 2:17

“In followership, there’s safety. Followership will bring forth results. There’s a difference between Followership and Viewing (Viewership). Follow closely and your results will be different.

Find out the passion behind the vision. You must follow our Pastor’s passion, follow the vision and then you follow the actions. Phillpians 3:16-18.

In conclusion, Pastor Lanre reading

1 Corinthians 15:58 as the memory verse concluded his message by saying: ” there is destination and success in followership”.


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