Walk In The Light of Your Calling – Reverend Ray Okocha

The first super session of this year’s IPPC was handled by Esteemed Rev Ray who reminded the delegates of our Exceptionalism as a ministry. He admonished us to be conscious of that at all times.

The auditorium erupted with joy when he stated that Abraham handed all that he had unto Isaac reminding us that he did not give things to Isaac. According to him, “He gave gifts to the sons of Ketura. He gave Isaac what made him Abraham, that blessing…”

Diving deeper into the scriptures, he stated that Isaac did the same with Jacob who got what made Isaac, Isaac. Driving home his point, he charged the pastors to be mindful of who we are and what we’ve received from Pastor Chris and that no matter where we go, there’s something we’ve received from our father, Pastor Chris which makes us exceptional.

Reminding the delegates that Jacob could not be cheated because there was something in him that put him over in life. In the same way, according to him, there is something in us, it’s a blessing. “It’s a call to leadership. Abraham is the Father of faith. God has called us to leadership and we must rise up to it. It’s too late to stay small now… ”

He further stated that there was something about Joseph who received the same blessing from Jacob. He received the coat of many colours. We are endued and endowed with something within us as children of our Man of God, Pastor Chris. The days of smallness are over.

“You can’t do small things anymore. It’s our calling. We’re spreading”.

With shouts of joy from the thousands of pastors that filled the Loveworld Convocation Arena, the meeting came to a glorious end.

Written by Michael Ogbaa


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