It’s All About The Holy Spirit – Pastor Chris

The afternoon session of the third day of the ongoing Pastor’s Conference came to a glorious end with Pastor Chris concluding the message on the importance and benefits of being filled with the Holy Ghost. He declared that when a Christian is filled with the Holy Spirit, the first thing that oozes out of the person is the love of God. Anger, worry, malice and other negative traits will never come out of the person. The person becomes different. There’s joy beyond expression, full of glory, he said.

He blamed the selfishness of the human nature for the root cause of all the negativities pervading around the world today. Pastor stated that those that are filled with the Spirit of God go beyond the human nature of wants and lusts for material things. Such people esteem others beyond themselves. “Worry and anxiety will cease when you’re filled with the Holy Ghost”, he added.
He admonished delegates to endeavour to be Spirit filled always. “Don’t take a vacation from the spirit”. Pastor then shared the story of one Deaconess that said she will drop the bible and deal with a brother. This he said makes no sense to a Christian becomes when the Word is truly rooted in you, you cannot drop it according to your whims, he said. It has an overriding power that envelopes you and dictates all your actions accordingly. Sharing from Ephesians 1:22, Pastor confirmed that God has put all things under the feet of Jesus and that He’s already done it. The church is the body of Jesus Christ, the fullness of Him that fills all.

“This is so powerful and so revealing. We’re the completion of Christ. He’s the head and we are the body. We’re the fullness of Him”. The essential message of this teaching rests on the fact that the Holy Spirit is a prerequisite for living an effective Christian life.

Reported by Michael Ogbaa


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