With The Holy Ghost You Can Do Anything – Pastor Chris

The third day of the Pastor’s Conference in the ongoing 2017 International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC) upped the ante with Rev. Chris Oyahkilome digging deeper on the role and importance of the Holy Ghost in the life of a Christian, and how being filled with the Holy Ghost is the license a Christian needs to achieve tremendous feats in life. In an indept dissection of 1 Samuel 10:3-6 Pastor Chris explained that the infilling of the Holy Ghost elevates a man from the level of ordinariness to the supernatural.

“That’s what the Holy Spirit does in the life of a man. Your fears will die, gone forever. You shall be turned into another man. When you are filled with the Holy Ghost, you can do anything because God is with you. Do as the occasion serves you,” he said.

Pastor Chris shared his personal experiences stating that when he’s is going to the Healing School, he is so full of the Holy Spirit to the level of overflowing. Reading from Ephesians 1:17, he declared we should be filled with all the fullness, not some! All the completeness, nothing left out. Filled with Almighty God, he admonished. “Look at it right there. Is the Bible lying to us? Why do you then need to be touched when we are already filled with all the fullness?”

He raised the issue of some songs that makes no meaning to a Spirit filled Christian such as “.. fill my cup Lord… and asked “fill with what?” This is said is based on ignorance.

Written by Michael Ogbaa


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