The Kingdom Conscious Partner – Pastor Deola Philips

It was refreshing as the International Pastors and Partners listened to Pastor Deola Philips deliver an awesome message on the kingdom conscious partner.

She started by admonishing delegates to set their minds on higher things. As far as this world is concerned, you’re dead but alive in Christ. We’re laying up eternal treasure.

Using the scriptures as basis for her message, she stated that God called Abraham to a city whose builder and maker is God and told Abraham to come out of his biological tribe. The result is that today, we are so blessed that others contact us and get blessed. We identify our call to being a blessing to others. We’re conscious that we’re the seed of Abraham. It’s a calling and responsibility. We’ve got to be a blessing everyday.

Secondly, she stated that the Church is not a burden but a glorious field. “It’s a nation of group of people separated by a certain traits that make us unique. Our purpose and calling. We’re separated unto God. We’ve got a unique way of life. We’re not like everyone else. This is the highest calling. We’re a concentrated nation. We receive the ideals and vision of our kingdom. We’re ambassadors of our nation. We’re not there as if we are to earn a salary. We’re God’s men. We belong to this nation called Zion, our heavenly kingdom. Understand your identity and allegence”.

The other points she highlighted include:

The kingdom conscious partner is prioritises the continuation of the Kingdom set up by Jesus Christ for us to make disciples of many nations. We are spreading the message in fulfilment of what Jesus started.

The word of God, constantly determines the opinions and decisions of the kingdom conscious partner. The word of God is our controlling factor. It affects our principles and everything else.

It is compelling and propelling power in our hearts and minds to do God’s will in our domain. He’s the One at work in us to make all these possible.

By Michael Ogbaa


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