Multiplying Your Resources For Sowing – Pastor Biodun Lawal

As IPPC 2017 keeps getting better with every passing message, delegates were tremendously blessed by another awesome message by the Esteemed Pastor Biodun Lawal.

“God wants you to multiply whatever He gives you. By faith you have access to grace, but by knowledge, you can multiply the grace. It’s your responsibility to multiply what God gives you”.

He stated that it is your seed, not any training school, that prospers your resources and emphasized that God will multiply your resources for sowing. “Understand the power of a seed. The seed God gives to you is for sowing. It’s to be used for your promotion and multiplication. Do not stop until God gives you a global voice. All our partnership arms are vehicles for sowing and increasing”.

He rounded up by giving delegates some major points by which they can increase their sowing and multiplication of resources..

Diligence – Proverbs 3:11
Be an efficient steward of the grace of God – Proverbs 28:22 NIV
Invest wisely. Make your money work for eternity. Ecclesiastes 10:15
Invest into the anointing – Ecclesiastes 11:1 (The Message Translation).
Be relevant in kingdom building, not wealth building. Ecclesiastes 11:4.

Written by Michael Ogbaa


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