It is all About Jesus – Pastor Chris


One of the most emotional points of Day Three of the ongoing IPPC was when Pastor Chris discussed the subject of passion for Jesus. He read from Psalm 119:136 and explained that while it is nice for us to be happy and learn to laugh, when we understand the future of this world, our hearts are heavy and tears come to our eyes. “If you’ve not been so moved, then the Holy Spirit may not be in you. It’s all about the passion for Jesus Christ. Feed your passion. Passion for the very person of Jesus Christ”.

He continued “You can think of Jesus in a non personal way until you’re dispassionate about Him. Yet, He is a Person. He lived and died as a man. Do you have Him in your focus and in your mind? Do you adore Him as a person? Jeremiah prayed that Jerusalem should come to your mind”.

“I’m thinking about Jesus. Let Him come to your mind. May God fill you with love for the Man Jesus. If it happens, everything will disappear and lose its value. But you know, don’t wait until then. Set your eyes on Him. He’s all that the Father cares about”.

“The Father has invested everything on Him. When He died, everything stopped. For 3 hours, there was darkness. Stir your heart with the passion for the Master. No one can do it for you. You’re the one to do it”


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