A Perfect Heart and a Willing Heart – Pastor Obi Chiemeka

The teaching on partnership continued with leaders propounding more insights into the relationship between the life of a Christian and partnership with God. Throwing more lights into the subject was Pastor Obi Chiemeka, Pastor Christ Embassy United Kingdom Zone 3. According to Pastor Obi, there are two key things needed to succeed as partners, are a perfect heart and willing heart.

He said that God knows the imaginations of our hearts. As partners, we need these two. A perfect heart is that which honestly is in pursuit of God. A heart that truly loves God. Has a strong desire for God and to please him. A willing mind is one on the go. A heart that is ever ready for action as concerning the things of God.

Making allusions with the story of King Asa, who had a perfect heart but lacked a willing heart (2 Chronicles 14:1-5.) Good and right in the sight of God. He did all these and his right was perfect with God (2 Chronicles 14:11-12). The heart of King Asa was perfect all his days. Ten years there was peace. Had rest for twenty five years. 35 years of beautiful kingship (2 Chronicles 16:1-5).

People had migrated to Judea. This is where it all went wrong for Asa. He entered a league. He drove the king of Syria to stop the king of Israel from building the wall. It wasn’t his role to take the silver and gold. See what God said (2 Chronicles 16:7). He stopped relying on God and therefore must have wars. The eyes of the Lord runs to and fro looking for those whose hearts are perfect towards Him and Asa was one of them. God had big plans for him. God wanted to deliver Syria into his hands, but, he went to bribe Syria. He blew it. If King Asa had a willing heart, he would have fixed the problem says Pastor Obi (2 Chronicles 16:10).

He was wroth with the prophet and out him in prison and oppressed the people that wanted him to have mercy on the prophet. He became diseased and instead of looking unto God, he looked for doctors. He didn’t know that he had backslidden. A willing heart is ever ready for God, he says. “You have to serve God with a perfect heart and a willing mind. He’s looking to present opportunities for you. Wanted to deliver Syria to Asa. Asa didn’t fulfill his purpose. He died a terrible death”.

Pastor Obi gave another example with King David (1 King 15:4-5). David he said did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord (perfect heart) and turned not aside anything the Lord commanded. That’s a willing heart. Pastor taught us that we are the ones to determine what happens to us (Romans 8:5).

Pastor Obi asked “what are you going to do in the coming year? The eyes of the Lord is running to and from for opportunist for perfect hearts with willing mind. Go where your mind goes. Our minds are being set. We already have a perfect heart that truly loves God. If you truly love God, you have to love people. You cannot not love”.

Concluding, Pastor Obi said that “when we come here next year, will you have your Syria and Damascus and other lands? Are you that partner with a perfect heart and a willing mind who God can trust ministry works to? Are you that partner. Tell your neighbour I’m that partner”.

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3 thoughts on “A Perfect Heart and a Willing Heart – Pastor Obi Chiemeka

  1. I have a perfect heart and a willing mind. I am that partner that the Lord is looking for.
    I am coming to IPPC 2019 with my Syria and Damascus and other conquered lands in Jesus name. Amen.
    Thank you Pastor sir,

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