IPPC 2018 – Delegates Experience

How has IPPC 2018 been for you?

Definitely Supernatural!!!

Please click on the video below to view some delegates sharing on what they’ve received from the program thus far.
For more updates on IPPC 2018, follow this Superuser and visit ippcdaily.com. The IPPC TV channel on cLoveWorld app which can be downloaded from PlayStore and Applestore is also available for your viewing pleasure.


3 thoughts on “IPPC 2018 – Delegates Experience

  1. Good Day!

    I would like to specially thank our dear Man of God Pastor Chris for IPPC DAILY website. I was following & participating daily. I daily meditated on each message as soon as it was posted. I would go back to the messages regularly. The messages posted ministered to my Spirit in a special way. IPPC 2018 was designed for me. The Word of God was directly talking to me. Hallelujah!

    I am panting for yesterday’s message to be posted on this website. I have been constantly checking out for it. I saw on kingschat that Pastor Chris ministered on the seventh part which is The Power of Love. How I long to listen to this message.

    A special thanks to the team that took out time to post the life transformative messages. God bless you! I am truly blessed.

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