Talk Show 2 – The Strategic Pastor


Anchor: Pastor Lanre Alabi


1. Pastor Biodun Lawal
2. Pastor Deola Phillips
3. Pastor Siji Dara
4. Pastor Ose Oyakhilome
5. Pastor Wale Adenuga

A strategic Pastor is a one who thinks and plans ahead. He  or she sees the end from the beginning and has a road map for getting to where he is going.

Strategy is defined as having an elaborate and systematic plan of action with the intention of defeating the enemy.

Strategy is a move made to gain a tactical end and have the advantage, to win the war.
It is important to know who the war is with. It’s the devil.

We must strategise to win and win and win always.
Joshua 11: 15

Programmes can be held with elaborate and strategic planning to achieve results.
Examples are:
1. Strategic Partnership meetings to affect the mindset partners
2. Strategic Visitation meetings to different churches to foster growth.
3. Training sessions and meetings for members and leaders

Raising people is important. It is about raising people and not using people.
Raising people is to give them the opportunity to express the God – given talents in them.
Some people plan to succeed but don’t plan to fail.

Consider the factors that will militate against it and address them as you strategise to succeed.
Conduct intelligence surveys of your locality for maximum impact in all our activities, we must strategise.

The greatest strategy is Praying and Fasting and Strategising and then Praying and Fasting and Strategising again.

Train your members and give them assignments. Watch them execute them and guide them.
Strategize on how to put faith in the hearts of people.

Re: The strategic sessions mentioned above can be used as opportunities for this.
Have your own personal assessments and targets and ensure to hit them and surpass them.
Hebrews 11: 1 – 3

LFMA is ordained by God.
This means all churches must be involved so to dissociate from this is to remove yourself from the strategic vision and focus of the ministry in this area.

To be strategic, prayer is the strategy. It is a plan.
In the place of prayer, the vision is birthed. Prayer gets them focused and in the direction that we have been given. We are strengthened in the place of prayer. Prayer is a strategy.

The person to let the members see the vision is the Pastor and the only way to show this to our members is through the place of prayer.
Be inspired by all shared today and at IPPC. Let it stimulate you to do more now and in 2015.
The work is done by people. Have people but trained people.

Written by Tesiri Moweta


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