Seven Reasons I Invited You Here – Pastor Chris (Partners Conference 2015)


Pastor Chris welcomed the International Partners to this year’s IPPC with a classic message that cut through to the very soul of his listeners. Like a hot knife on butter, his message on the seven reasons he invited the over twenty five thousand partners from over 163 countries cut through the bones and marrows right u to the heart and soul of the partners who were all left in tears.

Pastor started with a simple song…

Precious name

Oh how sweet

Hope of earth

and joy of heaven….

He then thanked everyone for their partnership. “Thank you for believing. We wouldn’t have done these mighty things we are doing without you. We’re doing historical things. The Lord has been with us mightily. You’ll be amazed at what we’ve accomplished. We are transforming lives; we are beautifying lives. Many have been inspired by the grace expressed through us”.

He informed us that like Queen Sheba told Solomon when she witnessed the glory upon his life, half of the glory upon our lives have not been told!

“God’s glory is covering us all over and we are inside that glory. Thank you for all you have been giving – your time, your money, your energy, translations of our messages and the Rhapsody of Realities, your negotiation skills, required information that have helped us in our work and so many other sacrifices. If we had to pay for them all… You did all these for your love for Jesus”.

He reminded us that some of our members have been sent to places they have never been before – far and wide.

“In Christianity we are engaged in a warfare. To ignore this reality is foolishness. We try to encourage everyone, but like in every war, some are offended. Some soldiers come back and regret fighting the war and some even say there was no reason for such wars. That doesn’t mean there was no justification for the war in the first place”.

We are encouraged by His abiding presence and spirit. These are the seven reasons for inviting you here and be so appreciative and rejoice with you. It’s an opportunity…

1) to impact you with His divine presence. Jesus is here. Though He’s in your heart, we experience His mighty presence and don’t want to live like the disciples in the mount of transfiguration. They forgot everything in that glory. What about the other disciples. Spiritual things don’t recognize the flesh. He’s the Father of spirit. Father’s of our flesh and spirits. Coming here, you’re in the presence of Jesus and anything is possible.

2) to impact you with my love and passion for Jesus. Be inspired by that love until that is all you think about and recognize. Jesus Christ wanted the world to know His love for His Father.

“Jesus is the one we are told to preach. I also talk to the Holy spirit more than any being. Continual conversation. Both the Holy Ghost and I are  to preach Jesus and live for Him. You can’t even love Jesus without the Holy Ghost. Jesus is the door”.

3) to impact you with my revelation of Jesus Christ. What I told you yesterday was my revelation of Jesus Christ and His word to me. That’s what you get in everything you experience here. That’s why others will share the same thing because the message is the same.

4) to impact you with the necessity and vision and urgency of that mission to impact our world. The more they talk, the more people come to our churches. We’re anointed. Supernatural grace bring supernatural trouble.

5) to impact you with the ever increasing grace God has granted me. How can you explain the impact we are making around the world. They can’t find the secret. It’s actually in 1 John 5:4. Our faith overcomes the world. We just keep expanding and prevailing. We’re matching on His word. Ever increasing grace. God told me that Im going to fulfill everything He has promised me. There are different kinds of grace. Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.

6) to impact you with the triumphant life Christ has given me. You will always win if you follow all these things I’m teaching you. Pastor went to AAU to receive his DSC award. His respected professors told him that they could see the aura of God upon him. It’s a presence and glory that go with us. It always works. Pictures of triumph comes to you.

7) to impact you with God’s word for us in this hour. God’s rhema for us now. He’s channeling favour and grace to us. It’s happening already. Extraordinary favour. You’re sent to accomplish a lot. No weapon can harm you. Do you love Him? Does Jesus inspire you? No man ever spoke like Him. He is more than a miracle worker. Men listened to Him without getting hungry for three days.

“He’s the beauty and light of heaven. He was in the world that He made but the world didn’t know Him. He was in the beginning… Blessed Jesus… In Him was light… In Him was life… He created the world. The word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. He came to love us. God is love. Love is God. Love creates. Love stirs. Love appreciates. Love is packaged in Jesus, that’s love. I love Jesus”.

Written by Michael Ogbaa

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