Nuggets for Life from IPPC 2014 with Koko Ugbowie



ken Healthily One with Another, a Competition of Inspiration – Rev. Ken

Don’t run from competition, don’t speak against it. Competition should be fun. Where your dreams and aspirations are accomplished. We are what we are today by the grace of God.
A strategic Pastor must continue in those things that brought you to where you are’ prayer, study of the word, partnership, must continue to a higher level. The tree that has fruits is what men throw stones at. This IPPC is the end of a dispensation and the beginning of another dispensation.
The strategic Pastor prepares’ through study, for the coming days. He raises people; raising people is important, not using people. One of the first things to do. Pastor Chris is an institution, a platform, an influence. A trained Pastor does not take no for an answer.

A trained Pastor takes action because he is result oriented. He does not recognize excuses.
He must make good use of his language. If your confessions are not right you cannot win. After you have planned you speak to the plans
He must have the language of the ministry; he cannot speak fear, defeat or doubt.
The trained Pastor’ Pro.25:6. There is formal and informal. Everywhere he goes is not determined by the city but by the largeness of his vision. All he sees are solutions; he sees opportunities where others see frustration.
On economy.

He thinks of how he can replicate the vision of the ministry wherever he is
He has clarity of purpose
He knows how yo deal witg distraction by being focused
He protects the anointing
He knows he is a problem solver, a solution bringer
He knows he is not a brick in the wall, he is a pillar in the house.

eddy Starting Early, Starting Strong – Evangelist Eddy Owase

Question – What is Starting Early?

Pastor Joy – You have to have a consciousness that on Monday a new ministry year has started. As you take notes you were drawing up your plans. When you delay you extinguish zeal (Acts 26:19)

Pastor Biodun – If you start strong is key, start from your youth. Whatever you did should be your starting point. Start immediately; when you wait you lose time, people and resources. Run from here to the next level. Do not reduce in soul winning or partnership.

Steps to Start Early and Strong
Pastor Lanre – With the sessions we have had with Pastor, we dare not fail produce results. Firstly is the consciousness, secondly the burden of responsibility and expectation from those that depend on us. Turn your inspiration to action points. You must have a plan to mobilize the brethren. Set the results we want to achieve. Set the time line. Set targets to report at PRC 2015.

Pastor Deola – (Eph.5:15-16 Amp) We must take every opportunity in the days we are living in. Citing Christmas as an example, there is an opportunity in this season, plan with the season. Bear in mind that (Sam.10:6) Do what is in your mind with the thoughts that have come to you. When you have a target to meet always start early, particularly a financial target. There is a mystery about money, money always comes, don’t wait on your target. In your churches, strategize to have outreaches, organize the brethren. We should not minimize what the Spirit of God has set in us. Buy up every opportunity; work with every consciousness to actualize the vision.

siji Intense Partnership – Pastor Siji

There is an attitude and grace for giving

Pastor Mary Owase – Partnership is our life. Partnership is joining forces to achieve a common goal or vision. It is having intense participation in accomplishing the vision of our man of God. It is beyond what you do occasionally, it is a planned project. You plan your giving and you can measure your progress this way. If you believe in something, then you must give plan to outdo your past.

Pastor Chidi Ezimako – We have a culture in BLW. You can’t ride a 10million naira car if you have not given God 10million, you cannot build your house when you have not built a house for God. It is something that graduates. You cannot out-give God. As a citizen of BLW we have a life of giving.

Pastor Uche Onubogu – There is a grace in giving. Teens in my church raised money as partnership for the Inner City Missions. You receive not because you ask amiss, My son also gave as a teen for the inner city, I obliged him to give money because of what he wanted to use the money for, that its by grace. The mystery of money is that it will always come.

Pastor Femi Otenigbagbe – Pro.13:7, He shared his personal testimony on healing. How he was healed of cancer after the man of God prayed for him. And he knew it could only be because of his partnership.

Pastor Tony Obi – All we do is about our love for Christ. In partnership there is a commitment and consistency. You are steady, you take ownership. Pastor Tony shared a testimony of a man who is a partner and medical doctor whose son was diagnosed with a hole in his heart and was scheduled for an operation but just before the boy was taken to the theatre, he insisted that his son be checked again and as this was done and the doctors could not find the hole, all because of his partnership.

Last words from the panel..

Pastor Mary – Remain consistent and dedicated
Pastor Chidi – Partnership is in our DNA.
Pastor Femi – There are three types of people-the one that writes the news, the one that reads the news, and the one that makes the news, as a partner you are the one that makes the news
Pastor Uche – Where your treasure is there your heart will be also. So start early
Pastor Tony – Your passion fuels your consistency in partnership.


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