Talk Show 1 – Leveraging Ministry Materials


Anchor: Pastor Joy Amenkhienan

1. Pastor Lawrence Ajiboye
2. Pastor Emeka Eze
3. Pastor John Amenkhienan
4. Pastor Lola Aisida
5. Pastor Emerald Andy

Ministry materials are evangelical tools for soul winning and for birthing Cells, Outreaches and Churches. It is highly important to harness the benefits of the Rhapsody Mandate Network
ROR is more than a book. It is a brand. It is a product.

It is all about making the ROR the most widely read book in the world, second only to the Bible.
It is all about getting other people blessed like we are as we read it daily.

These materials are soaked and immersed in the anointing and grace in our ministry.
Our ministry materials carry the power of God and bring same with it and in it to everywhere it goes. Hallelujah

By the blessing of the upright, the nations are transformed.
ROR is for all ages and class.
It breaks all limitations.
It changes the language of the reader.
It transforms lives.

Take advantage of various opportunities such as exhibitions, association meetings eg The  Nigerian Bar Association, etc. and all to share our ministry materials freely or sell same as well.

Children’s materials enjoy the same grace and must be distributed. Schools have adopted same as part of their curriculum. Children’s day distribution, Book fairs and expos, parties, etc are opportunities to showcase our ministry materials and distribute the same.

The vision of our Man of God is one to reckon with it. The children’s ministry materials are moving with the media train and taking advantage of it too.

The Firm Foundation Initiative for children requires that we:
1. Hold children’s day celebration and distribution
2. Organise children’s camps, children’s book expos.
3. Organise children’s book expos.
4. Partner with our child initiative.

Start planning now for and on how to leverage on our ministry materials in 2015.
God’s word is God’s building material
It can build a man and a nation
It can build men and nations

Written by Tesiri Moweta


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