July 22, 2024

At the 2023 International Pastors and Partners Conference IPPC, the Loveworld Ladies Network, LLN, observed the ‘Loveworld Pinkinization Day’, a day dedicated to celebrating all Loveworld Ladies, keeping in mind the vision of the Network, in a unique way. Reaching out to all the Loveworld Ladies, both single and married, the Chairperson of the Steering Committee of the Loveworld Ladies Network, Pastor Mary Owase, in her beautifully adorned pink outfit excitedly took beautiful snapshots with the Loveworld Ladies present at the IPPC Conference, who wore the branded T-shirts as well as pretty pink attires. The 2023 Pinkinization Day which was deliberately marked at the IPPC, was announced by a Member of the Central Executive Council, Pastor Ambrose Isesele, after the Friday morning session of the Conference where the ladies were specially recognized and congratulated on their achievements in the Ministry thus far.

The Loveworld Ladies Network had earlier reached out to several ladies in Christ Embassy Church centres around the world, with different impactful programmes. The programmes and initiatives ranging from soulwinning and prayer outreaches, helping women with welfare and empowerment packages, to reaching senior citizens around the church catchment areas with the gospel in unique ways in addition to healthy living sessions has remarkably strengthened ladies all around the world, with the cause of the gospel. The Loveworld Ladies Network, LLN, is demonstrating the fact that the gospel of the kingdom must be preached everywhere for a witness, without observing any gender restrictions.Congratulations to the Loveworld Ladies Network, LLN.

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