June 19, 2024

The President of the Loveworld Nation Rev. Chris Oyakhilome has admonished on the need for the Church to retrace its steps in unbridled embrace of worldliness. This admonition was handed down at the opening day of the Partners Conference in the ongoing International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC).

According to Pastor Chris, Christians should be conscious of whatever they do in the house of God, even how they dance in Church saying that “Kingdom people dance in the Holy Ghost, every other dance is from the pit and your flesh.”

Speaking of the new trends where comedians have been embraced as part of entertainment in the house of God, Pastor described the development as part of the craving to feed our flesh which he said gave rise to Christian entertainers adding that “Now when lies are said to make you laugh, both the hearers and the liars are coming the same sin”.
The church, he warned must be rid of these things.

On how other spiritually important events in the Church such as weddings has been changed he said that “Many years ago, weddings were always full than the receptions. But these days, more go for the receptions than the church weddings. They began to make church services irrelevant. The church had started becoming more and more worldly,” he said.

To address most of these things, there is need for constant trainings, he said. Giving examples with the early Church, he asked why all the apostles and prophets were Jews, this he said is because to them was given the revelations and covenant of God. They were trained to know God, and trusted with the message of the kingdom for the whole world. So even in their disobedience and hardness of hearts, they had pursuits that were within the ambits of what God had said. Now, when the gospel came, they went to the prophets to understand the gospel. Training in the gospel is very important, he added.

“When we win souls, and don’t culture them, they will re-culture the church, continuing things that knew before: the use of handkerchiefs and oils, the connection to some material things. Before long they become pastors and start indoctrinating the people.”

Warning brethren to be careful about the overt worldliness that is enveloping the Church, he rhetorically asked “How worldly do we want to get for God to call us to order? The worldliness was one of the reasons Covid and the lockdown thrived”, he added.

“In the church, we will not accommodate worldly stardom, or Satan’s trophy. If you want to be a star be a star, be a star for soul winning; and don’t allow the worldly and carnal applaud you to hell. We live as the scriptures have told us and not as our flesh dictates.”

“The government wanted to enforce a new type of entertainment. They put restrictions on how many should be in a Gathering. A lot of people who died weren’t allowed to buried honorably. And they would have achieved their plans had we not pray. The great reset was to reculture society to a new normal. Even the stadiums were going to be used for something else other than football”.

“In history, there have been men that want to change society because they hate freewill and liberty. That’s the hallmark of Satan.We are at a time and place that require certain kinds of actions from us, beginning with the increase of our passion towards our goals”, he noted.

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